Vauxhall Customized LED Door Sills Guards 12V Vehicle Supply


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Waterproof And Dustproof
IP67. You don’t need to worry about rain and snow weather will get wet and dirty the led door sill. Vauxhall door sills are made of acrylic, and the smooth surface is easy to clean.

Stylish Car Lighting Accessories
LED door sill Step pedal is a personalized car lighting. When you open the door, the door sill panel will light up (turn off as the door closed) and display the name and logo of the vehicle.

Well Protect And Good Lighting Guide
It can well protect the original door sill of the car from scratches and damage. If you want to cover an already scratched door sill, our door sills guards are also a good choice. The bright light when the door is opened also provides sufficient illumination for entering and exiting the car.


Power Supply Method: Vehicle Power Supply DC 12V
Material: PMMA Acrylic + High brightness LED
Waterproof Rating: IP67
Thickness: About 0.5cm

Working Mode:

Vehicle Power Supply DC 12V, Handwired led door sill guard is usually wired to the positive and negative of the car’s door sensor. The illuminated car sill will light up when the door is opened and turn off when the door is closed.
“stay on” means the lights stay on when the door is opened and nothing else changes.
“flash&flow” means the lights come on and flow and flash when the door is opened.
Colorful (auto-changing): No remote control, colorful flowing and flashing. The flowing mode, breathing mode, gradient mode, and flashing mode keep cycling after opening the door.
Colorful (RF remote control): The remote control controls the color and mode. Yellow, orange, red, green, cyan, blue, purple, white. stay on, breathing, gradient and flashing mode, sound sensing mode.
Colorful (RF&APP remote control): Both remote control and mobile APP can be controlled. RGB color wheel, colors can be adjusted at will. Stay on, breathing, gradient, flashing, music and sound sensing mode.

Installation guide:

Vehicle Power Supply DC 12V
1. Test if the led door sill is working properly.
2. Make sure the installation position and clean to make it dry.
3. Find out the positive and negative poles of the car door power wires and connect to the positive and negative poles of the door sill pan. (red wire connects to the positive and black wire connects to the negative.)
4. Peel off the 3M double-sided adhesive protective film on the back of the door sill pans and install the door sill pan to the correct position. Press to make it fit snugly.
5.Tidy up the wires and the installation are complete.


1. AoonuAuto LED Door Sills are not the OEM part (not factory door sill). We just customize more car accessories for your vehicle to let it more attractive.
2. The acrylic door sill pedals couldn’t cover the curved area of the door steps.

After Sales Services:

1. LED door sills are customized product. After starting its production, if there is no quality problem or defect manufacturer, it does not under the refund policy.
2. We provide 1-month replacement and 1-year warranty policy, which is not applicable to artificial damage and other subjective reason.
3. If you have any question, contact us please.

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