Mercedes-Benz EQE LED Car Door Sill Light Hardwired


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Superb craftsmanship:
Mercedes-Benz EQE-CLASS door sill is IP67 waterproof and dustproof. The acrylic material makes the surface very smooth and easy to clean. The engraving of the LOGO is also clear and tidy.

Definitely suitable for your car:
These door sill pedals are AoonuAuto’s best-selling models, and they have been verified by other purchasers, so there is no need to worry that they are not suitable for your car!

A worthy LED door sill atmosphere light:
When your passengers open the door, they will see a lighted logo. The flowing lights of the door sill pedal are very beautiful. It will go out automatically when the door is closed. The luminous door sill adds fashion elements to your car, giving your vehicle a more beautiful appearance.


Voltage: 12V
Current: less than 0.5A
Waterproof rating: IP67
Material: PMMA Acrylic + High brightness LED
Thickness: 0.4cm~0.5cm

Working Mode:

Vehicle Power Supply DC 12V, Hardwired led door sill guard is usually wired to the positive and negative of the car’s door sensor. The illuminated car sill will light up when the door is opened and turn off when the door is closed.
“stay on” means the lights stay on when the door is opened and nothing else changes.
“flash&flow” means the lights come on and flow and flash when the door is opened.
Colorful (Auto-Changing), without remote control, multiple colors flow and flash.

Installation Attention:

1. AoonuAuto LED Door Sills are not the OEM part (not factory door sill). We just customize more car accessories for your vehicle to let it more attractive.
2. Different models have different shape and size of door sill, so as their installation methods. For some models, the factory door sill can be directly covered by the LED door sill panels, while other models might need to disassemble the factory door sill and replace it with LED door sill pedals.
3. The acrylic door sill pedals couldn’t cover the curved area of the door steps.
4. Hard-wiring, hands-on capability required.

Installation Guide:

1. Test if the led door sill is working properly.
2. Sure the position of the installation and clean to make it dry.
3. Connect the positive and negative wires to the power supply of the door switch sensor. (red wire connects to the positive and black wire connects to the negative.)
4. Tear off the 3M tape on the back of the door sill pedal, and attach the door sill pedal to the install location.
5. Tidy up the wires and the installation is complete.
(Hard-wire it to car battery won’t invalid your car warranty.)

After Sales Services:

1. After starting LED door sills’ production, if there is no quality problem or defect manufacturer, it does not under the refund policy.
2. We provide 1-month replacement and 1-year warranty policy, which is not applicable to artificial damage and other subjective reason.
3. If you have any question, contact us please. (We will respond within 24 hours)

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